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Dragon Blaze tricks for beginners and experienced players

In May 2015 Gamevil has released Dragon Blaze for iOS and Android devices. The game is about saving the humanity against dragons. To do this you can choose from five different classes at first. Over time you will than create a team of allies that will help your hero to master all tasks. With rising difficulty form level to level the strength of your Character and allies also increases with every level up that you reach. Or by equipping new gear to them like a sword or armor.

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Do daily quests

Do not miss your chance on some easy resources as Gold and Rubies that you can get by completing your daily quests. As the name says it already these quests are changing every day. After you have completed a certain amount of daily quests you can unlock additional rewards by doing this so you should definitely invest the needed time and get these rubies. As it is one of the easiest ways to build your team faster.

Build a balanced team

Each ally has their own benefits and comes with their own unique skills. All of them can be divided into three main classes that are Tank, DPS or Heal. Make sure to have at least one character of each class in your team otherwise you will end up losing many battles. A good setup that works for most levels is 1 Tank, 1 Heal and 2 DPS. The last ally slot can be filled whatever you need for the Level to beat it. Some levels require you to have a second healer or tank other levels may be easier with another DPS. You will have to adapt this strategy for each level one by one. As there is not that one solution that fits all levels and let you beat them with the same team.

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Enhance your best allies!

During the game you will always keep on getting new allies. If you do not plan on using them for your team you should sacrifice them to power up allies that you actually use. Each time you unlock a new team member you should check on your team if you have use for it. Should this not be the case you can directly sacrifice it to power up one of your main allies. To use the sacrifice asĀ  useful as possible focus on upgrading a ally to the next level before enhancing another one.

Join a good guild

Guilds are bigger groups of players that can unlock several benefits for their members. In the best case you should try to join a guild that exists already for some time and has unlocked a few upgrades. These upgrades are going to increase the stats such as attack, accuracy and health. These upgrades can be unlocked by investing guild points that you earn for reaching the next level with it. These bonuses are passive and you benefit from them whenever you are playing.

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